The TIE Statement of Ethics

Since inception, The TIE has committed to a strict ethics policy ensuring our independence and the integrity of our data and offerings. Each employee and significant shareholder is required to abide by a firm set of principles and professional conduct policies.

In an industry rampant with misinformation, scams, and dishonest conduct, it is critical to operate in a transparent manner with clear ethical guidelines. Earning and maintaining the trust of our users and customers will always be at the core of The TIE’s mission.

Cryptocurrency Investing and Trading - Our Commitment

Since our beginning in December 2017, employees and founders of The TIE have been prohibited from holding or trading cryptocurrencies. As a data provider we believe that it is a conflict of interest to have a stake in the performance of individual cryptocurrencies. While we are fully invested in the success of cryptocurrencies broadly, we are impartial to the performance of individual assets.

While founders and major shareholders of The TIE will continue to uphold the commitment to not holding or trading cryptocurrencies, we recognize that as we grow and expand this prohibition may make it difficult to attract the best and brightest in the crypto-asset space. As such, we will be maintaining a page disclosing all future employees’ cryptocurrency holdings.

In the conduct of its business operations, The TIE as an entity may need to hold cryptocurrency for various purposes including testing API connectivity to exchanges, forward testing trading strategies, and for integration purposes with other entities. Profits, if any, generated by the company from testing will be donated to Coin Center, the leading non-profit advocating for pro-cryptocurrency regulation.


The TIE does not accept money from advertisers or paid promotion of any individual cryptocurrencies or projects.

Corrections and Updates

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all data on The TIE, on occasion there may be mistakes and/or inaccuracies in some of the information presented on the platform. In some cases, data on particular cryptocurrencies, such as team members, were collected in months prior and have not yet been updated to reflect the current composition of an organization. While we do our best to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date, due to the breadth of data we provide it is difficult to maintain 100% accuracy.

As soon as we are made aware of any inaccuracies in our data we do our best to rectify the issue within 24 hours of notice. To report an issue please contact

User Data

As a customer of The TIE and user of our products, we have a high level of respect for your data and personal privacy. If you would like your account to be permanently deleted and any and all information on your profile erased please contact

We do not sell or redistribute individual customer information or data. Your data and privacy is important to us and we want you to feel safe and secure when using any of our services or offerings.

Our Commitment to You and to Cryptocurrency

We are doing our best to position The TIE as the most unbiased, trustworthy, and ethical entity in the cryptocurrency industry. We envision a future in which cryptocurrencies emerge as a leading alternative asset class with trustworthy and transparent products, and we promise to be at the forefront of that revolution.

If you have suggestions for improvement do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to chat with you.


Joshua Frank Co-Founder and CEO
Ben Latz Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
Joseph A. Gits IV Co-Founder and Advisor
Eric Frank Co-Founder and Chairman
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