The TIE News Feed

Intelligent News Feed for Digital Assets

A refined news feed that curates hundreds of unique sources including cryptocurrency publications, mainstream media outlets, and direct foundation communication channels. It is extremely customizable and flexible to fit your needs.


The TIE News Feed provides the most comprehensive coverage of cryptocurrency headlines. Pulling from hundreds of unique English and Chinese sources, our feed buckets each headline by cryptocurrency solving for complex language processing issues. Sources are individually scored for legitimacy and our neural networks are trained to help eliminate redundant and irrelevant headlines.

Features and Benefits

Customizable: Select from over a dozen parameters including source or publication type, language, relevant asset, and publication legitimacy score.

Intelligent: Our NLP engine solves for complex language processing issues, assessing relevancy of headlines and removing up to 99% of irrelevant headlines. For example, ensuring that a headline on the camera Canon EOS, does not find its way into a feed on the cryptocurrency EOS.

Comprehensive: Our news feed sources headlines from mainstream, cryptocurrency, financial, and other publications to identify relevant news items. In addition, the feed offers end users the options to toggle on or off notable Twitter accounts and individual outreach mechanisms of cryptocurrency foundations themselves including Mediums and blogs. Coverage includes both English and Chinese headlines.

Fast: While cryptocurrencies are a global phenomenon, it often takes time for news to travel from East to West and vice versa. That is why we built our news feed to ingest headlines in both English and Chinese.

Timeliness: We capture relevant headlines within seconds of posting. Our news feed updates every minute to make sure that your firm or users stay on top of news as soon as it is happens.

Content Coverage

Asset Coverage

Our news feed currently covers fifty of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Our focus is on depth and accuracy in topic modeling, rather than breadth of asset coverage. Individual assets can be added on request.

Product Offerings

News Feed API

A comprehensive and easily ingestible news feed so that your firm or users can stay on top of news as soon as it is happens. Build our news feed into your platform or use it internally for trading, risk assessment, and more.

Delivery Mechanism REST API
Publishing Frequency Varies
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Trust, Transparency, and Accountability

Since inception, we have committed to a strict ethics policy ensuring our independence and the integrity of our data and offerings. Each employee and significant shareholder is required to abide by a firm set of principles and professional conduct policies.

In an industry rampant with misinformation, scams, and dishonest conduct, it is critical to operate in a transparent manner with clear ethical guidelines. Earning and maintaining trust will always be at the core of our mission.

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