Vision was developed to help token foundations track, analyze, optimize, and plan marketing efforts, investor relations, and community engagements to grow their communities and bring attention to their networks. Vision combines several of The TIE’s proprietary datasets and overlays analysis and visualizations in a way that directly corresponds to and helps foundations optimize marketing and token relations.

Some questions we help digital asset foundations and related entities answer: Where are your competitors receiving media attention and where should you focus your PR resources? Where is your community geographically located and where should you plan meetups? Is your community more receptive to technological developments or partnerships? What is the impact of a token burn?

Product Offerings

Token Vision™

Coming Q2 2020

The TIE’s Token Vision™ is the first public relations and investor relations monitoring and optimization tool for digital asset foundations.

Delivery Mechanism Dashboard & REST API
Features and Benefits

Trend Analysis & Reporting

Take a close look into what is truly driving community and price. Overlay multiple metrics on charts to track correlations. Tools for multi-factor analysis on asset movement. Identify opportunities for more effective marketing and outreach efforts. Goal here is to turn raw data into actionable intelligence to help improve the decision making process.

Actionable intelligence on what types of media stories are being picked up and ways to improve PR efforts.

Custom Filtered Twitter Feed

Our custom Twitter dashboard for digital assets allows you to separate signal from noise by tracking only the conversations relevant to your asset or watchlist. Create custom lists of notable accounts that you want to follow, and see only tweets from those users and the assets and topics you specify. Track sentiment on any asset and the conversations driving it.

Crypto SigDev™ Dashboard

Crypto SigDev™ is the first corporate actions and significant developments feed for digital assets, alerting clients about market moving information in real-time including exchange listings, protocol upgrades, 51% attacks, and more. Information is retrieved in near real-time from over a thousand unique sources in English and Chinese to keep you on top of the market. Track your competitors and the narratives driving the digital asset market.

Competitive Analysis & KPI Tracking

Track your token vs. the cryptocurrency market broadly or specific competitors. Visualize and analyze what is driving the price of other digital assets to improve decision making. Set benchmarks to compare performance and visualize performance vs. competitors over time.

Advanced Alerting

Stay up to the second on changes in the digital asset market or on your token in particular. Alerts on everything from sentiment, to liquidity, to media mentions. Create automated alerts via Email or Twitter DM.

Team Insights

When you uncover an insight about your own coin or another, share it with your team on the Insights page for an organized, central team knowledge hub. This multiplies the effectiveness of pattern discovery and strategy around how to best observe and use the data.

Coin Screener

Keep hundreds of coins on your radar with our coins page. Spot outliers and dive more in-depth to figure out what is driving their activity. This is a great starting point to discover new insights on a specific coin, whether that's on daily sentiment, relative tweet volume, or over a dozen other metrics.


A homepage for at-a-glance insights on critical metrics to watch day-to-day. Actionable suggestions to increase engagement and reach within the market.

And more:

- Google Sheets Analytics Plug-In

- Built-in Consulting Hours for Assisted Analysis

- API Access

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